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 Learn For A Lifetime was created to bring tutoring services to the children that need support in any area of education. We want every child to develop a life-long love of learning and to experience success in the school setting.



Recipe For Reading

Level 2 class is around the corner! Look for it to begin after Spring Break 2019.
Recipe For Reading Class Level 2 focuses on teaching the skills that build reading fluency. Skills presented in this class include: long vowel words, blends, digraphs, sight words, vowel teams and special sounds.
Dates: April 1- May 3 (on M, W, and F)
Time: 5-6 PM Cost: $200.00 plus tax
Call (575) 208-6395 for more details or to register.
*If your student has already completed the Level 1 class, Miss Jodi is able to recommend whether Level 2 is a good fit for your child.

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Our OFFICE is open Noon-5pm Monday through Friday and

TUTORING is available from 8-8 Monday through Saturday.

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