New School Year for Mr. T and Slick

I LOVE new school years!

I love the planning, the preparing, the fresh new pencils and empty grade books. I love digging through new teacher manuals, pre-reading the year's read-alouds and curriculum books. I love purchasing reward stickers, getting excited over science experiments, art supplies and getting familiar with the music we will be learning to appreciate each year.
All the fun things!

Our books are sitting around in stacks as Jodi and I are making lessons plans for Mr. T and Slick. We eagerly await Monday, so we can begin in earnest. Jodi is teaching the 3Rs and I'm teaching music, art, history, science, geography, and Bible.

We are also starting a synergy group with other homeschoolers using My Father's World curriculum,  the Creation To The Greeks year. We will be doing projects together that are more conducive to a group setting, learning about public speaking, and doing that all important socialization thing everyone talks about. LOL! We are still looking for 2-3 more families to join our synergy group, so it's not too late if you are interested, please contact us by August 14, 2017.