Welcome, Summer!

Mr. T and Slick just wrapped up their year of school together. They are SO READY for summer. They are greatly anticipating our annual reading BINGO challenge, and this year they’ve added a BINGO board full of board games to add to the fun. They have had a successful year filled with great advances for them both, scholastically and socially. They have been diligent students even on the tough days, and that’s a sign of maturity and character. Miss Jodi and I are so proud of all their hard work this year, just like we are so proud of you! Hooray for you all!

Congratulations on a year well done!

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Summer is nearly here! What are YOU doing this summer?

Summer is practically upon us, are you ready? It seems like it snuck up this year and caught me off guard. I hope you have plans for a fun-filled, educational and interesting summer, that allows for plenty of time to relax and be with friends.
If you’re still looking for something for the kiddos to enjoy this summer, check out our summer camps lists on the CAMPS page. We are hosting lots of interesting options this summer.
If your student is struggling, consider one of our classes that focuses on Reading Comprehension and Retention, or learning to Read and Write. We also offer individual tutoring all summer long in the afternoons. Call our office at (575) 208-6395 for more information.
Hope to see you this summer! Remember to read every day!

Summer is almost here!

Hi Lifelong Learners. There are only 6 weeks left of school! My mind is boggled at how quickly this school year is going past. Have you made your summer plans yet? Do you intend to fill your days with reading, playing outside with friends, staying up way too late and sleeping in until noon?
If you haven't made plans to travel, sleep, or game away your whole summer, please consider joining us for some fun and educational summer camps. A full list of camps, their dates and prices can be found on the camps page of our website. We will be learning and playing together all summer long. Hope to see you here!

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