Mean Machines 2017

What an exciting week! We learned about the 6 basic simple machines. Simple machines are ones that have one or zero moving parts and help us with work. The six simple machines are:


6 Simple Machines

* inclined plane

* lever

* pulley

* wedge

* screw

* wheels and axle

  • inclined plane
  • lever
  • pulley
  • wedge
  • screw
  • wheels and axle

We watched a fun video series about each of the simple machines, plus a hilarious (and educational) video by Bill Nye the Science Guy, enjoyed some books about each kind of machine, looked for them around the center and at home, had intelligent discussions about how they work, and then each day we opened the Mystery Bag to create an engineering masterpiece using the information we had gathered about machines. The students are so smart! They found new ways to make the projects work every single day. I was so impressed. I am no engineer and I'm not ashamed to say I learned a few things this week as well.
At the end of the week, we put all our knowledge together to build a Rube Goldberg Machine to push a car down a ramp (inclined plane). The children brainstormed together and designed it themselves, and ended up with a machine that used a pulley, and several inclined planes, including books as dominoes, to push the car down the ramp.