School Choice Week Open House

Do you ever wonder what would happen if your child was in a different school here in Las Cruces? Did you know that was even an option? If not, or if you’ve just been curious what the other Las Cruces school have to offer, then we have the event for you!
Join us for an open house celebrating national School Choice Week.

school choice week 2019.jpeg

From 2-5 pm on January 19, 2019, we will have representatives from many of the local schools. Public, private, Catholic and Christian schools will be represented, as will homeschooling. Learn For A Lifetime will also be there, sharing what our educational philosophies are and how we can aid your student in whatever schooling option you choose.

Come see what options might be the best fit for your student.

Zoology Camp!

Mr. T is attending Zoology Camp at LFAL this week and is already enjoying it. (Slick is not attending camp due to gymnastics practice.) Today's lesson was about mammals. Mr. T learned the 6 things way to generally identify a mammal.

  1. Has a spine
  2. Warm blooded
  3. Has live young
  4. Feeds young with milk from the mother
  5. Has hair/fur
  6. Breathes air and has lungs

He enjoyed a word scramble, play dough time, talking about what he already knew about animals and what he wants to learn this week in camp, reading books about animals and playing the monkey-ring-toss game.
Mr. T and Slick are excitedly looking forward to Friday since Slick will be joining the rest of the class for a trip to the El Paso Zoo. Fun will be had by all.