School Year

Fall Break 2019 Has Arrived!

Hey, Lifetime Learners, can you believe it’s already time for Fall Break? Live it up! Here are some Autumn Ideas

~Play outside

~Read a book

~Go on a hayride

~Learn something about Christopher Columbus

~Sip apple cider

~Bake a pumpkin pie

~Play a board game (or 17)

~Spend an afternoon at the pumpkin patch

~Sleep in

~Jump in some leaves

~Make S’mores over a bonfire

fall break 2.jpg

Whatever you do, make some memories. Please share a picture of your Fall Break Fun in the comments.

Autumn has arrived!

Welcome Autumn.jpg

It doesn’t FEEL like Autumn yet as our temperatures are still in the high 90s each day, but officially, Autumn as arrived today. I hope cooler weather will soon arrive so we can enjoy pumpkin patch adventures, bonfires, cool evenings, falling leaves, perhaps some rain, and pumpkin spice everything.

School has been in session for 6 weeks, how is it going for you? Are your classes just right? Are you getting good grades? Are you give it your best effort each day? What’s your favorite subject currently? Tell us in the comments.

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Back To School

Welcome Back to School this week!

As everyone heads back to school this week, what are you excited about learning and doing this year? Are you ready to see your friends again, meet your new teachers, and see who is in each class with you? Are you determined to have even better grades this year than last?
We here at Learn For A Lifetime wish you all the best school year you’ve ever had! Work hard, have fun, READ like crazy, and always do your best. You can do it!


1st Quarter is nearly finished already!

How is the first quarter of the new school year already nearly finished? Hopefully, you have your children settled into a good routine and are they are excelling in all their subjects. If you are noticing an area where they are struggling, don’t hesitate to call or message their teacher to see if the teacher is noticing it as well. The students that generally learn the most are the ones that have an involved parent that communicates well with the teaching staff. If the teacher thinks that they might need additional help, give us a call. We can be part of that educational team that helps your child succeed.

Give us a call at 1 (575) 208-6395 to set up an appointment.

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New Office Hours

Office Hours.png

It's that time again, friends. We're switching back to our school year office hours. Please make a note of it.


The OFFICE will be open 9-3 Monday through Friday

and TUTORING will be available from 8-8 Monday through Saturday.

See you soon!


In the rare event that we are closed on a day besides Sunday, we will post here on the website and on our FB page. Thank You.

Office Hours 3.jpg

It’s the LAST Day of School for the 2017-2018 School Year!

School is OUT for the summer! Woohoo! Happy Dance! 


You’ve all worked so hard this school year! You deserve a break. Enjoy it! 


Don’t forget to Read, Read, Read while you are enjoying your summer break, on vacation, hanging out at the pool or attending summer camp. 


See you soon! 

Back in the groove?

Here in the Smith Sisters School for Boys, we’ve got the January Blues. We are struggling to get back on track with school, our schedules, and life in general. 


Aunt Kristy/Mama has been sick, missing several days of work, and even more of school. Aunt Jodi/Mom has been sick, missed some work and some school. Mr. T and a Slick have had trouble focusing after their Christmas break that was longer than planned due to illnesses. We’ve been a hot mess of schedule juggling, coughing, exhaustion and fevers. Everything has felt like this...


BUT... hope springs eternal, yes? We are closing in on our first REAL week of school since the new year started, the schedule juggling is calming down, and we are all nearly well again. Take that, January Blues. 

How about you, lifelong learning friends? Has the new year been kind to you and yours? Are you chasing your New Year’s Goals with reckless abandon or are you still buried in holiday decorations, leftovers and wrapping paper bits? Does your student need some post holiday break assistance in getting back on track? How can we help you conquer the dreaded...


School Year Review: December 2017

We are wrapping up school for the holiday break. Here at The Smith Sisters School for Boys (the silly name we made up for our combined homeschool years ago), we have accomplished 85 days of lessons, meaning the school year is already almost half over, can you believe that?! If you have a student in any of the local schools in Las Cruces, your child has accomplished approximately the same amount. Hooray for all the hard work we’ve put in already this year! 


Mr. T and Slick have been hard at work this year learning the 3 Rs plus supplemental activities with “Aunt Jodi/Mom” every morning and learning Bible, Science, History, Geography, Art, Music and various other topics with “Aunt Kristy/Mama” in the afternoons. Both are thriving with working together, as they have generally been only students in their class at home previous to this. Jodi and I are so proud of their effort this year and can’t wait to see where the rest of this school year takes us. 

Happy Holidays, friends! Enjoy the tail end of 2017 and call a hearty welcome to 2018!