New Office Hours

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Hi Lifelong Learners! It seems we've had some confusion about our hours and we are sorry about that. I hope this helps clear up the confusion.
Our office hours are the hours that you are free to drop by to check out a book, use a table to catch up on some homework, talk 'shop' with us, ask for prices and make appointments, and read for a while with your little one.
Tutoring hours are by appointment and are longer or later than our office hours so please don't be concerned that if you need a later tutoring appointment we will be unavailable to your student. We make every effort to accommodate all of our clients' differing schedules. 
Thank you for your support. We appreciate YOU!

~Learn For A Lifetime Team~

Back in the groove?

Here in the Smith Sisters School for Boys, we’ve got the January Blues. We are struggling to get back on track with school, our schedules, and life in general. 


Aunt Kristy/Mama has been sick, missing several days of work, and even more of school. Aunt Jodi/Mom has been sick, missed some work and some school. Mr. T and a Slick have had trouble focusing after their Christmas break that was longer than planned due to illnesses. We’ve been a hot mess of schedule juggling, coughing, exhaustion and fevers. Everything has felt like this...


BUT... hope springs eternal, yes? We are closing in on our first REAL week of school since the new year started, the schedule juggling is calming down, and we are all nearly well again. Take that, January Blues. 

How about you, lifelong learning friends? Has the new year been kind to you and yours? Are you chasing your New Year’s Goals with reckless abandon or are you still buried in holiday decorations, leftovers and wrapping paper bits? Does your student need some post holiday break assistance in getting back on track? How can we help you conquer the dreaded...


School Year Review: December 2017

We are wrapping up school for the holiday break. Here at The Smith Sisters School for Boys (the silly name we made up for our combined homeschool years ago), we have accomplished 85 days of lessons, meaning the school year is already almost half over, can you believe that?! If you have a student in any of the local schools in Las Cruces, your child has accomplished approximately the same amount. Hooray for all the hard work we’ve put in already this year! 


Mr. T and Slick have been hard at work this year learning the 3 Rs plus supplemental activities with “Aunt Jodi/Mom” every morning and learning Bible, Science, History, Geography, Art, Music and various other topics with “Aunt Kristy/Mama” in the afternoons. Both are thriving with working together, as they have generally been only students in their class at home previous to this. Jodi and I are so proud of their effort this year and can’t wait to see where the rest of this school year takes us. 

Happy Holidays, friends! Enjoy the tail end of 2017 and call a hearty welcome to 2018!


Holiday Happenings: Holiday Break 2017

So Much Fun!

Learn For A Lifetime has fun and educational activities to enjoy over the holiday break. Mystery Camp and Mad Scientist Camp are happening in the mornings and consider the Visualizing and Verbalizing 2 week session in the afternoons if your student struggles with comprehension and retention. 



Camps are for students from 5-12 years old, from 9-11 am. Cost is $50.00 plus tax. Pre-registration and payment are required to reserve a spot. 

Mystery Camp (the theme changes each day) Is happening Dec 26-29, 2017

Mad Scientist Camp (experiments every day) Is from Jan. 2-5, 2018

Visualizing and Verbalizing Class Is Dec 26-29 and Jan 2-5 from 12-2pm each day. Cost Is $200 plus tax for the 2 week session. Pre-registration and payment are required to hold space for your child. 

Please call the office at 575-208-6395 to sign up or for more information.

The Holidays are Here

This last week saw Thanksgiving arrive and depart, leaving the Holiday Hustle in its wake. 

The holidays are upon us, friends. And whether you celebrate Christmas, observe Hanukkah, enjoy Kwanza, or you’re too cool for Yule, the holidays always mean an avalanche of extra events to attend, cookies to bake, and gifts to purchase. School is out, which means you might need to be looking for somewhere for the kiddos to be while you head to work each day. 

Consider this a friendly reminder of two kinds...

 1. Add a few of our events/camps for the kiddos to your calendar before it gets overly filled with other things. It will give them something fun and educational to do, and give you peace of mind while you head to work each day over winter break from school.

2. It’s ok to say no to things that don’t fit with your family’s schedule or priorities. Don’t be guilted into taking on so much that you can’t enjoy the holiday with your family. 





School is in session, how are you coping?


     I don't know about you, but I always greet the new school year with mixed feelings. On one hand, hooray for the return of schedules, regular bedtimes and structure after our wild and free summer lifestyle. On the other, boo to routines, schedules and early bedtimes after nights of watching the stars come out, sleeping in, and not having to be anywhere at a particular time.
     It takes me a few weeks to really get in the school groove. So, in the vein of hoping I'm not alone in that area I ask, "How are you coping with the new school year?"
Are you buried under mountains of dirty laundry? Have you given up on homemade lunches and resorted to Lunchables or hot lunch at school? Are you still signing those reading logs and assignment notebooks each night? Getting back in to the school year groove can be a challenge.
     I did pretty well the first 2-3 weeks and then I fell off the wagon (and subsequently was run over by the wagon, LOL) and now I'm dusting myself off and beginning again. Here are a few tips to keep your household running smoothly all year long.
   *When life gets overwhelming, pare your To Do list down to just a few small things. My favorite tiny list is just 3 items: A load of laundry all the way to away, a load of dishes, and spend 10 minutes tidying up to keep the clutter from overwhelming the house.
   *For the school year, I teach my child to bring me anything that needs to be signed/put on the calendar/seen by a parent. I can usually spend less than 5 minutes on sorting through those school papers and viola, I'm current on the happenings at school, which as we all know makes EVERYTHING better. I generally take a peek through the school bags while they are enjoying their after school snack and that way, if I don't understand something, they are on hand to answer my questions before things fade from their memory.
   *MEAL PLANNING: in my life, this can not be stressed enough. Planning and preparing for meals ahead of time saves me time, money, energy and from the hysterical cries of "I'm HUNGRY" every evening. I spend one afternoon over the weekend grocery shopping and prepping ingredients so that each meal for the week can be on the table in less than 30 minutes. Saves my life. Promise. If you don't know how to meal plan or prep, I suggest the Life As Mom website where she offers 40+ free meals plans that come complete with meal plans, a grocery list, and ways to prep ahead to save time later in the week.

     There you go! My three best tips to keep your head above water this school year.
1. Tiny To Do List
2. Go through the paper work EVERY SINGLE DAY so it doesn't sneak up on you.
3. Plan your meals to prevent the 5 O'Clock meltdown.
Have a great school year!

Adventures with Mr. T and Slick: Week 4

Can you believe we've already completed 4 full weeks of school? As a teacher/mama who generally isn't even starting until now, it's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we've got a solid month of school under our belts already.

Anyone want to guess what we are studying this week?

Anyone want to guess what we are studying this week?

You guessed it, we've arrived in Egypt for a few weeks of in depth study. We are learning about the Nile River, the Pharaohs, the pyramids, and which of Noah's descendants migrated to this area after the incident at Tower of Babel.

A reenactment of the battle for the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt.

A reenactment of the battle for the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Over all, we (including me) are learning a bunch and having a good time doing it.

Adventures with Mr. T and Slick: Week 3

During Week 3, Mr. T and Slick's main focus was learning about the Tower of Babel, the Fertile Crescent and starting to learn the books of the Old Testament. The learned how to draw a map of the Bible lands (where all our study of history this year will take place) and a silly sentence to remember the names of the places on the map. I was very proud of their diligence this week because learning to draw a map full of names that make no sense to you is difficult, and they were champs. Also, the books of the Old Testament are some serious tongue-twisters and both of the boys tried really hard to learn to say (and spell) them correctly. It is a work in progress, but that's ok. Our current read-aloud book is The Tanglewoods' Secret about a little boy and girl living with their aunt. It's delightful and the boys are enjoying read-aloud time quite a bit.

Say the silly sentence with me, "E.T. Purrs in the Red Nile Med." Ask the boys what that means next time you see them.

Say the silly sentence with me, "E.T. Purrs in the Red Nile Med."
Ask the boys what that means next time you see them.

Adventures with Mr. T and Slick: Week 2

Week two started off really well with Mr. T and Slick digging into Adam and Eve's original sin. How often we are quick to blame others and try to cover up our own sin. :( And how quickly the whole world went to shambles once sin entered the world.
We started read aloud time this week, music studies (Hello, Vivaldi!) and added a few things to our timelines. The boys love coloring their timeline pieces and them laminating them. We worked on adding a few pages to our history notebooks, and the boys' sentence structure is improving already.
We learned about the four types of energy this week and it was a delight for me to see the understanding dawn in their eyes as we tried different activities and had much dialouge about the differing types.
Circle time continues to be a hit, and the boys are doing so well with their speech ideas and Scripture memorization. Mr. T in particular always has something to share.
Areas of focus this week at circle time are days of the week and months of the year. And remembering to sit still at circle time. LOL!

Follow along with us this year as we learn about His Story from the Creation to the Greeks!

In SCIENCE this week, we learned about 4 types of Energy. The boys are really enjoying the activities with every lesson.

In SCIENCE this week, we learned about 4 types of Energy. The boys are really enjoying the activities with every lesson.

Hello Antonio Vivaldi!!

Hello Antonio Vivaldi!!