Meet Mr. T and Slick

Hi Friends!
     Mr. T and Slick are cousins that are home-schooled together. Mr. T will be 9 next week (July '17) and Slick will be 12 in August. They have grown up together and are more like brothers than cousins, which means they are either best friends or mortal enemies, depending on the day...or hour. They both love the trampoline, being outside, video games and Pokemon. They also enjoy tickle fights, board games, and random silliness. They are both the youngest in their family, and have siblings that are much older, making them seem more like only children instead of the youngest. Slick is a competitive gymnast and Mr. T plays basketball, baseball and wants to start soccer.

     While it won't be the first time they are schooled together, it will be the first time it is only the two of them, with two teachers splitting the teaching. They will be using My Father's World, the Creation to the Greeks year, with Kristy handling the curriculum which covers history, science, geography, music, art and Bible, while Jodi teaches reading, writing and arithmetic. We intend to start a small home school group for them to meet with friends each week to keep them from getting bored with each other.

     They have many adventures together already so adding this will only increase the fun. Stay tuned for the weekly adventures of Mr. T and Slick!